Institute Industry Interaction (III Cell)


M.S.Krishnan, Manager – III cell,


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Technical Education forms the backbone of development of a nation. Industry is the major consumer of technical institution product. The real requirement of industry will be explored only through effective interaction with them. Interaction between the industry and institute is now widely recognized. PMCTECH Institute Industry Interaction Cell (currently headed by Mr. M.S.Krishnan as Manager (iiicell) has been interacting with the connected officials of industries and developing good rapport beneficial to both. Especially on our part effective relationship with industries benefitted students by way of placements, training, project works etc and to some extent faculty also to get industrial exposure enabling better transmission of the same to students.


  • Bridging the gap between Industry and Institute.
  • Providing Industrial visits, Industrial Tours, Educational Trips to students.
  • Helping students for internship, implant training, project works etc.
  • Inviting industrial personnel for guest lecture, seminar, workshops etc.
  • Use of resources from industries and the institute for benefit of industries, students, faculty and society.
  • Making available Institute infrastructural facilities to the industries and vice versa.
  • Creation of Industries Institute Expertise Database.
  • Forecasting the technical manpower requirement for Industry.
  • Training and the knowledge update through faculty visit to the industries and transmission of the knowledge gained to students.

Benefits to students/faculty

  • Industry visits                        :   Student visit to the Industry as a part of their  course.
  • Industrial tour of students:  This gives them good organizational experiences
  • Practical Training                 :   Gives students good industrial exposures.
  • Project in Industry               :  Encouraged to undertake final year project.
  • Faculty to Industry              :    Learn from industry and deliver to students.

Industry to Institute

  • Higher education to the staff of industry.
  • Sponsor R&D Projects to Institutes.
  • Industry sponsored short term course.
  • Resource persons from industry to institute.
  • Expert Lecture from Senior Industry Personnel.

Industry-Institute Joint Efforts

  1. Jointly Conducting Training/Awareness Program for Industry / Institute People.
  2. Organizing seminars/Symposium/ Awareness Program for Industry/Institute People.
  3. Undertaking Any Social Responsibility.
  4. Sponsoring institutes program by industry.


To Institute

  1. Improved quality of faculty.
  2. More relevant curriculum.
  3. Better Placement of students.
  4. Better utilization of expertise of industry.

To Faculty

  • It gives good understanding of the industry and helps in building up of useful case studies for improving the quality of future teaching.
  • It provides an ability to identify research program of industrial importance.

To Students

  1. Gaining real life experiences.
  2. Application of theoretical knowledge.
  3. Enhancement of oral and written skills.
  4. Decision making on career choice.
  5. Paid pre-employment (on-studies training).
  6. Gaining access to sophisticated instrumentation.
  7. Understanding the work culture of industries.

(Please see the PDF link 1&2 for the “Program” and “Tie-up benefits”.)

  1. How to Proceed for Tie-up arrangements:

“On the above aspects please find open letter from our principal placing personal invitation with institutional profile at a glance and thereby requesting the Industries to revert back at the earliest as the Institution has been looking forward to a mutually beneficial and long lasting relationship including signing MOU with the esteemed organization.”

(Please see PDF link 3  &  4 “Principal Invitation for Industry tie-up)” & “Institutional Profile at a glance”

PDF Link 1                    PDF Link 2                       PDF Link 3                     PDF Link 4

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