The Institute is striving to develop on a self –sustainable basis in the areas of power, water and maintain cleanliness to have best environment. Switching off all electric appliances when not in use and so also closing water taps when not in use are vigilant factors to ensure optimum savings accomplished in power and water.

The practice of Walk or Cycling helps us to live a healthier lifestyle, cut down fuel expenses thereby helping for better environment.College provides bus facilities to the faculty members, non-teaching staffand students and most of our staff have the practice of using public/college bus thus helping in fuel saving.Ordinary bulbs replaced to energy-efficient compact fluorescent (CFLs) or LED bulbs for reducing the consumption of power. The college gives emphasis on paperless office to save carbon footprint due to printers. Reuse of one –side paper printouts is also being done.

To make our institution “Plastic Free Campus” awareness created amongst students & faculty on plastic hazards and thus banned the use of plastic bags or bottles in campus.As an initiatives of green practices we using solar power for cooking purpose in the hostel.