e-Yantra aims to provide training to engineering teachers and students with innovative skills. As a result, students imbibe engineering principles in a fun way and minds are engaged in the application of math and computer science to everyday problems and real time applications in the field of Robotics.

IIT Bombay envisages the ‘e-Yantra’ platform to harness the intellectual talent of young India to create utility based robotic applications for usage across variety of applications such as: agriculture, manufacturing, defence, home, and city maintenance and services industries. The overall mission is to grow a rich eco-system of ideas and applications that can propel India’s growth curve and productivity through intelligent funnelling of robotics in daily living built upon an existing pool of knowledge developed by students working on such projects at our college in the area of embedded systems.


  • Cultivate qualities in students that makes them better engineers – and to make it fun to build embedded systems. The modus operandi is to provide hands-on learning-infrastructure to engineering students with limited access to labs and mentors.
  • Create a practical outlook by articulating problems students see around themselves and to solve them in the small using a robot developed by the IIT-Bombay team. Harness the power of open source to draw upon to model a sophisticated solution to a problem.
  • It is believed that due to the drastically lowering costs brought on by robotic manufacturing technology and the increasing cost of transportation, a lot of manufacturing sector jobs are going to migrate back to developed countries.