e-Yantra aims to provide training to engineering teachers and students with innovative skills. As a result, students imbibe engineering principles in a fun way and minds are engaged in the application of math and computer science to everyday problems and real time applications in the field of Robotics.

IIT Bombay envisages the ‘e-Yantra’ platform to harness the intellectual talent of young India to create utility based robotic applications for usage across variety of applications such as: agriculture, manufacturing, defence, home, and city maintenance and services industries. The overall mission is to grow a rich eco-system of ideas and applications that can propel India’s growth curve and productivity through intelligent funnelling of robotics in daily living built upon an existing pool of knowledge developed by students working on such projects at our college in the area of embedded systems.


  • Cultivate qualities in students that makes them better engineers – and to make it fun to build embedded systems. The modus operandi is to provide hands-on learning-infrastructure to engineering students with limited access to labs and mentors.
  • Create a practical outlook by articulating problems students see around themselves and to solve them in the small using a robot developed by the IIT-Bombay team. Harness the power of open source to draw upon to model a sophisticated solution to a problem.
  • It is believed that due to the drastically lowering costs brought on by robotic manufacturing technology and the increasing cost of transportation, a lot of manufacturing sector jobs are going to migrate back to developed countries.




MTLC is a collaborative effort between Mission10X and partner institution to enhance the Engineering attributes of the Engineering graduates through Project Based Learning (PBL). MTLC contextualizes the Mission10X approach in the Engineering context. MTLCs use Unified Technology Learning Platform (UTLP), an innovative embedded systems platform developed by Mission10X for PBL


UTLP (Unified Technology Learning Platform) kit is an ardent facilitator for aiding engineers gain hand-on, learn and understand complex and advance technologies simply. Besides, UTLP also concentrates on making students and freshmen industry ready as it gives them the experience of working in real time. Eventually, UTLP embraces modern technologies to bridge the gap between academia and industry. It increases individual learning towards subjects and supports and motivates students towards building and integrating concepts keeping in mind organizational practices. It also promotes and expedites Entrepreneurship and Research within the country.


  • Students will be trained with the real time embedded kit
  • Students can improve the practical knowledge on hardware as well as programming part
  • Students can have good contact with corporate experts
  • Students will be certified by Wipro
  • Students always have challenging projects from the MTLC on real time projects
  • Students can develop there carrier towards Industries


  • First 30 students will be selected for the project in the Department of CSE,IT,EEE,ECE
  • Students are divided in 10 batchs with 3 students of each group.
  • Systematic approach is followed on project on every month.
  • By completion of the project WIPRO experts will certify our students project.

These process is carry on every academic year.


  • Embedded System
  • VLSI Design
  • Image Processing
  • Signal Processing
  • Networks
  • Automatic home appliance controlling system
  • Density traffic light controlling system
  • Embedded controller for automobiles Eg: missiles, cars etc
  • Robotics
  • Temperature Controlled
  • Library Automation Using RFID
  • Design of Embedded Security Door Lock System

However more innovative application can implement using this UTLP kit

Campus Connect


Launched by Infosys in May 2004, Campus Connect (CC) is a unique academia-industry initiative to “architect the education experience”.

CC bridges the gap between institutes and industry to bring out students who are industry ready.

Objective of the CC programme operating at our campus is to enhance the quality and quantity of the IT talent-pool; sustain the growth of the IT industry itself. The main intent is to increase the employability of students. CC focuses on a consistent output, irrespective of all variables involved, however the conditions may be, to achieve a high-quality, constant product.

The following activities are a part of the campus connect panorama:

1. Foundation Programs for Circuit Branch Students
2. Introduction to Computer Systems (ICS)
3. Problem Solving Techniques (PST)
4. Operating Systems (OS)
5. Programming and Testing (P&T)
6. Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS)

Some of the events conducted by campus connect programme:

S. No Name of the Project Guide Date No. of Participants
1 Train the Trainer Program Infoscions 17th to 19th January 2014 P.Aravind & A.Mahesh
2 Principals Meet Infoscions 07th March 2014 Dr.S.Chitra & P.Aravind
3 Train the Trainer Program Infoscions 5th to 7th May 2014 G.Ram Sankar& V.Kumararaja
4 Faculty Inspire Contest Infoscions 21st May 2014 P.Aravind, A.Mahesh, C.Sathish, V.Shunmuga Karpagam



1 Wipro Technologies – Mission 10X Technology Learning Center
2 Infosys Campus Connect – Learning Center
3 Campus Classle – Learning Center
4 CISCO – Training Center
5 Yoga and Meditation
6 Doing Something for the betterment of Whole World

In today’s world, where the survival of the fittest is the norm, it has become imperative to sharpen one’s technical skills, and more importantly, one’s career guidance soft skills. Our Training cell organized Excellent Career Guidance and Placement assistance through intensive training by both the internal and external faculties.

In order to meet the growing demands of corporate, the institution is striving hard to develop the skills of students by giving value added courses. The combined venture with many organizations will aid the students to keep stride with the latest technologies pertaining to their preferred arena of study. Thus they have tremendous opportunities to take advantage of our initiatives that will give them multidimensional insights which help them in grooming the skills and impart knowledge beyond university course curriculum. Our students have an edge over others because of various value added courses conducted apart from the regular classed by the departments in collaboration with various industry partners and Certification bodies as detailed below