OBJECTIVE OF PRACTICE: Theobjective of Techkathon is to provide a platform for students to unleash their creativity and problem solving skills. It helps to improve skills for future learning and career development, through coming up with innovative ideas and building the product collaboratively as a team.

CONTEXT: Techkathon is a talent hunt event conducted every year for the Second and Pre-final Year students. In this event, team of students will be given real time problems from the related core industries and asked to provide the solution for the problem through their innovative ideas within 8 – 10 hours. The best solutions/projects developed from the students will be presented in front of the industry experts.

PRACTICE: Techkathanis a good tool to stimulate creative and problem solving ability among students and the ground where students can prove their innovative ideas. The diversity of participants guarantees a multitude of perspectives. All this increases the chance of finding innovative fixes to a persistent problem.  

  1.  Pre-final year and final year students are well suitable for this Techkathon.
  2. Group of 3 to 5 individuals are formed as team.
  3. Real time problems of core related industries are shortlisted from the industry experts. 
  4. Prior to the Techkathaon intensive Tech Talk will be given by the experts to the participating students to demonstrate the importance and features of Techkathan.
  5. On the day of Techkathon students will be given their problems to be solved related to their core industries.
  6. Students will be given time duration of 8 to 9 hours to solve the problem along with their team members.
  7. Solution may the innovative idea or prototype or working model. 
  8.  On the day end students are requested to present their solution/ideas to the given problem in front of the industry experts.
  9. Best solution/Ideas will be awarded and honored by the industry experts in terms of internships and Placements.

EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS: The evidence of success is the strong Industry Institute interaction and the innovation culture developed among the students.  In 2019, 22 diverse industry experts had been invited for this talent hunt event. Around 95 teams of final and pre-final year students were registered. 10 projects were selected as the top and honored through on spot internships and placements offers by industries. It is great platform for the students to exhibit their talents especially in front of their domain experts. It is strongly evident that this Techkathaon has inspired the first and second year students also to develop themselves towards their problem solving ability and Innovative thinking

PROBLEM ENCOUNTERED AND RESOURCES REQUIRED: Finding realtime problems of industries that can be originally handled by students is little difficult. Also, the right understanding of given problems by the students is highly required to conduct this event effectively. Inviting and retaining 20 more industry experts from diverse field in a day makes this event little complex. Students who are willing to participate should be provided the fundamental concepts related to their core related technology. And finally the time limit in Techckathon forces participants to conclude their visionary concepts in basic manner.