The department has full complement of well qualified and experienced faculty members. They bring in teaching and hands on experience to make effective contribution to the development of the professional in the making. The faculty members produced 100 % results more than 6 subjects in two consecutives semesters. They published research articles in national and international journals. And also the faculties are presenting papers in National and International conferences/ Seminars frequently.

  • DR.S.RAVI (HOD/MBA) has presented a paper “The Evolution of Microfinance in India- A Study “ in the National Conference on Inspiring Engineering and Technology Innovations Jointly Organised by Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) TN &P Section and Er.Perumal Manaimekalai College of Engineering.
  • DR.S.RAVI (HOD/MBA) has presented a paper “Merit pay : Performance related pay in the organization” in the International Conference on “Make in India” the road ahead Jointly organized by Vivekanadha Institute of Information and Management Studies and Gandhigram Rural Institute – Deemed University on 27-28th February, 2015
  • Mr.R.RAJESH (AHOD/MBA) has presented a paper “Emerging Technologies and its impact on E-Recruitment“ in the National Seminar on Emerging Technologies and its impact on E-recruitment AICTE Sponsored National Seminar on 18th – 19th Sep 2009.
  • Mr.R.RAJESH (AHOD/MBA) has presented a paper “Strategies to succeed in the global business uncertainties“ in the National Seminar on Strategies to succeed in the global business uncertainties Sengunthar Engineering College, Tiruchengode on 2nd February, 2010
  • MR.R.KATHIRVEL (AP/MBA) has presented a paper “A Study on Innovative Management Practice for Global Environment in E-CRM with Special Reference to Super Markets at Erode” at ISTE TN&P Regional Conference; Er.Perumal Manimekalai College of Engineering, Hosur on 9th January 2015
  • MR.R.KATHIRVEL (AP/MBA) has presented a paper “Human Resource Accounting in IT sector” in the International Conference Annai Mathamal Sheela Engineering College, Namakkal 14th September 2012
  • MR.S.RAJKUMAR (AP/MBA) has presented a paper “Strategic HR issues in small and medium enterprises” in the National level seminar on “Business Eco System for Small and Medium Enterprises” at Muthayammal Engineering College, Namakkal on 29th & 30th March 2012

Program Participated on Workshop /FDP/ SDP

  • DR.S.RAVI (HOD/MBA) has participated in The CII Regional Conclave on “Management Education-2015 CII” on 11 &12th Feb 2015 and One Day Workshop on Creating and Sustaining Excellence MMA” on 20th Feb 2015
  • Mr.R.RAJESH (AHOD/MBA) has participated in “Sustaining Academic Excellence in teaching Management Skills” AICTE sponsored Staff Development Programme Sengunthar Engineering College, Tiruchengode on 3rd – 7th May, 2010
  • MR.R.KATHIRVEL (AP/MBA) has participated in “Idea to Execution For Entrepreneurs Workshop” at Knowledge Business School 3rd&4th January 2013.
  • MR.S.RAJKUMAR (AP/MBA) participated in Techniques and Advances of Effective Teaching Faculty Development Program conducted at Vellalar College of Engineering and technology, Erode on 18th July 2014

Publication of Articles / Journals

  • DR.S.RAVI (HOD/MBA) has published “The Performance of Micro Finance in India: A Review Shanlax”; International Journal of management ISSN-2321-4643 Vol.2 No.3 January- 2015
  • Ravi S. and Vikkraman P., “Growth of Self Help Groups in India: A Study”, Indian Journal of Applied Research, ISSN:2249-555X, Vol.I, No. 7, April 2012, pp 168-170.
  • Mr.R.RAJESH (AHOD/MBA) has published “A Study on Factors Influencing Faculty Performance Management System in Technical Educational Institutions European journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Sciences ISSN 1450-2275 (2012)
  • MR.R.KATHIRVEL (AP/MBA) has published “Evaluation of Factors Influencing Stress Management for An Insurance Agent With Reference to Health Insurance in Erode District International Journal Proficient December 2011
  • MR.S.RAJKUMAR (AP/MBA) has published “Implications of Internal Marketing Strategies: An Empirical Analysis in Management Education Sector” in SMART Journal of Business Management Studies: ISSN 0973-1598 / Vol-7; January-June 2011
  • MR. SHANKAR GANESH (AP/MBA) has published Industrialized Procedure and Its Collision on the Development of Indian Textile Trade Indian Journal Of Applied Research ISSN – 2249-555X Mar 2014

Publication of Books

  • MR.S.RAJKUMAR (AP/MBA) has published a book “Internal Customer Relationship Management (ICRM) “ with Print Gallery Publishers: ISBN 978-93-80406-31-2; First Edition 2011


The students will be molded into a multi-faceted personality with directly to handle the imperative functions of industry such as Finance, marketing, Human Resource Management and Systems. They are trained to fit in a variety of slots in industry through management development programmes, workshops

Few events:

  • Academic Interface on Career Development by Dr.J.Joshua Selvakumar Prof. in PSG IM, Coimbatore.
  • PG Induction Program-2014 by Mr.V.Nagarajan AGM-HR in TAB INDIA, Hosur.
  • Industry Interface on Capital Market Operations by Mr.V.Prabakar Head of Ascent Capital Market Academy, Bangalore.
  • Industry Interface on Business Success Manthra’s by Mr.V. R. Muthu Chairman, Idhayam Group of Companies.
  • Industrial Visit with Mr. N.S.Sheshashayee, Asst. Legal Advisor, SEBI at Bangalore on 22.09.2014.
  • Industrial visit with Mr. K.Sadeesh Kumar HR Services Specialist, Sandvik Asia Private Limited, Hosur on 24.09.2014
  • 17.10.2014to19.10.2014 Industrial Visit with Ms.Banu, Branch Manager, Ascents Solutions, Coimbatore and Isha Yoga at Coimbatore
  • 11.02.2015 to 13.02. 2015 College bazaar at our college Campus Jointly organised with Mahalir Thittam Krishnagiri
  • 18.03.2015 Micro analysis of financial statement a unique approach Mr.Chandrasekar, Corporate and B- School trainer, Empover HR Solutions Pvt.Ltd, Bangalore
  • 14.03.2015 MMA – Women Managers Convention 2015 at Taj Hotel Chennai.

List of Anna University Rank Holders in 2014

  • Aruna. M with CGPA 8.36 in MBA ranked 42.
  • Kumararaja. K G with CGPA 8.33 in MBA ranked 44.
  • Lavanya. S with CGPA 8.34 in MBA ranked 43.