Academic year : 2020-2021 (ODD  Sem)

1 6/2/2021 Guest Lecture on Legal Aspects of Business Dr. S.P. Sreekala,
Professor /MBA
K.S.R College of Engineering
2 13/2/2021 Overview of HR Functions and Role of HR in Manufacturing & Service based Companies Mr.Bharathraj Singh HRBP-Corporate HR- HR Strategy 84
3 16/2/2021 NHRD Hosur Chapter Membership Drive & Power of Networking Mr.Bharathraj Singh            EC – Member NHRD Hosur Chapter 84
4 20/2/2021 Guest Lecture on Accounts for Managers Dr. S.Revathy
Professor /MBA
PSG College of Arts & Science
5 5/3/2021 Field visit for Market study at Ullavar Sandhai & Flower market, Hosur 84
6 8/3/2021 Webinar on Business : from Sctrach to Success Mr.K.R.Nalluswamy., Managing Director., Orange Impex, Karur. 84
7 10/3/2021 PMC MBA Association (Inaugration)Mr. F. Israel Enbaraj.,GM., HR .,IT.,MNC National Board Member NHRD 84
8 10/4/2021 Student Bazar To Promote Entrepreneurial and Research skills 84
9 16/04/2021 Webinar on Role of task masters in normal to New Normal Mrs. Annam., Managing Partner., A.M Medical agency., Trichy 84
10 19/04/2021 Workshop on Tally Mr.Rajesh., Freelancer 84
11 7/5/2021 Knowledge Sharing Program on Nexus between Nutrition and Work Performance Mrs.Josephin immaculate., Nutrionist and Psychological Counsellor., Para Medical College, Erode 84
12 3/7/2021 National Level Conference Strategies in Operations – A Manager’s Perspective 84

Academic Year:2019-2020

110.07.2019 Guest Lecture on Appraisal of Risky Investments Mr. Venkateswaran Pandian Chartered Accoutant Venkatewarann Pandiyan & Co., Proprietor Hosur 81
224.07.2019 Expert Lecture   on Emotional Intelligence Mr. Navratna HR – Resources Bangalore 81
307.08.2019 Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in HR Mr. Samuel Jones.V  HR – Manager Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd., – Bangalore 81
413.08.2019 Expert Lecture on Marketing Myopia Dr. Joshua Selvakumar.P Associate Professor in Marketing PSG Institute of Management, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore 81
521.08.2019 Placement Training on Aim & Succeed Mr. S. Ramesh Srinivasan Associate Consultant – Bangalore 81
612.09.2019 National Symposium on MOGULS’ 19 Dr. A Tamilarasu Associate Professor in Accounting Ambo University Ambo- Ethiopia, East Africa 81
720.09.2019 Guest Lecture on Psychometric Instrument for Personal Development Mr. R. N. Elangaovan Group Manager TITAN – Bangalore 81
830.09.2019 Guest Lecture on Queing Theory Mr. Lenin Arumanayagam Visiting Faculty Indian Institute of Business Studies,Bangalore 81
901.10.2019 Guest Lecture on Transportation Techniques Mr. Lenin Arumanayagam Visiting Faculty Indian Institute of Business Studies,Bangalore 81
1011.10.2019 Expert Lecture on Case analyis of  Intellectual Property & Rights Mr. S. Sivasubramaniam Senior Manager
Head – Intellectual Property
1118.10.2019 Guest Lecture on Customer Perception of Quality Improvement Dr. S.S. Krishnakumar Genereal Manager ,
TVS Motor Company Ltd., Hosur
1202.01.2020 – 18.01.2020(15 days) Training on Communicative English Col P. Jeyaraj Director COL’S CALIBRE Coimbatore 81

Academic Year 2018-2019

1 Training on ‘Employability Skills For Students’ MBA Faculty Members PMC Tech
2 Guest Lecture-Statistics Ms. Anitha PMC Tech
3 Guest Lecture-Statistics Mr.Saravanan PMC Tech
4 Industrial Visit Mrs. K.Asha Bata Shoes Ltd
5 Industrial Visit Mrs.K.Asha Titan Industries limited
6 Industrial Visit Mr.J.A.Raja S.P Apparels, Aliyar, Kovai
7 Industrial Visit Mr.M.Aravind JPPL Pressing processing ltd
8 Industrial Visit Mr. S.Manikandan Cosmos Bank
9 NHRDMonthly Guest talk Mrs. K.Asha NHRD Hosur
10 Trade Fair Dr.R.Shankar Ganesh PMC Tech
11 Rural Visit Mr.J.A.Raja Kaveripattinam
12 “International Day-Violence against Women” Mr. J.A.Raja PMC Tech
13 Speak Alive-Training Mr. M.Aravind PMC Tech

Academic Year: 2017-2018

1 Workshop (Application of SPSS Tools in Research) Mr.S.Venkatesh
Associate Professor in Statistics
Sri Ramachandra Medical University, Chennai.
2 Workshop (Finance) Mr.V.Sreeraman, 
Chartered Accountant
Visiting faculty in VIT
3 Training on ‘Employability Skills For Students’ MBA Faculty Members PMC Tech
4 Conference (Pragmatist’2018) Dr. Joshusa Selvakumar PMC Tech, Hosur
5 External Conference @ Karpagam University, Kovai. All Faculty Members PMC Tech
6 External Conference NABARD Karpagam Academy, Coimbatore
7 Guest Lecture Dr. N.Sekar NHRD Hosur chapter
8 Guest Lecture-Statistics Ms. Anitha PMC Tech
9 Guest Lecture-Statistics Mr.Saravanan PMC Tech
10 Out-Bound Training Mr. J.A.Raja (Organizer) Kotagiri