About us

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering was established in the year 2002 to provide focused and determined technical education in its core. It offers one Under- graduate Program (B.E. ECE) and one Post- graduate program (M.E. Applied Electronics). Since its inception, it facilitates young engineers to acquire technical exposure along with carrier improvement. Excellency of the department has been proven through the outstanding track records and graduates of exceptional quality and caliber.


To impart excellent technical knowledge in Electronics and Communication Engineering with interdisciplinary and innovative approach to address global and societal needs.


  • To provide quality infrastructure, resources and education in Electronics and Communication Engineering through innovative methods of teaching and learning with practical orientation for a successful career.

  • To prepare Electronics and Communication Engineering graduates to meet global challenges by implementing Engineering values and quest for modern technologies.

  • To inculcate leadership qualities among students for self and societal growth.

  • To develop skills for life long learning to solve societal problems.


PSO1: An ability to provide innovative solutions through the knowledge in Electronics Engineering domains namely Embedded, VLSI, Signal Processing and Networking.

PSO2: An ability to take challenges associated with implementations of ad hoc and sensor network applications, RF and antennas .

PSO3: An ability to determine the kinds of tools and equipment needed to do a project in Electronics and Communication engineering as per the requirements of the society.


The Graduates will be able to

PEO1: Graduates will have good technical knowledge and skills in Electronics and Communication Engineering for successful career, higher studies leading to research and innovation.

PEO 2: Graduates will work in multi-disciplinary areas to meet contemporary requirements of the industry and society.

PEO 3: Graduates will exhibit leadership qualities, ethics with good team spirit, use modern tools and engage themselves in continuous learning.