About us

Mechatronics is a specialized field of engineering which combines in a synergetic way the classical engineering disciplines, mechanical, electrical and computer science leading to new kinds of products and services.The Department of Mechatronics Engineering established in the year 2013 offers a 4-Year full time B.E. program in Mechatronics Engineering and houses state-of-the-art infrastructure strengthened with well qualified, dedicated, experienced and competent faculty, bringing their expertise on the wide areas of Mechatronics Engineering with emphasis on Power Electronics, Process Control and Instrumentation, Control system, Robotics and Mechatronics. The Department provides multi-disciplinary education enabling the students to succeed in their careers encompassing design, manufacture, maintenance and management of Automation, Robotics and CNC Machines


To create a centre of excellence by imparting relevant technical knowledge and wisdom to the students’ through innovative teaching and extensive practical exposure in the field of mechatronics coupled with relentless rendezvous in research to excel in their chosen career.


  • To ensure unique and effective, teaching-learning process through imparting in depth knowledge of the concepts, principles, and its applications.

  • To enrich the students with extensive industry oriented practical knowledge through state of art laboratories meeting the needs of industry and society

  • To provide distinctive opportunities for finding innovative solutions to the complex  problems for the growth and development in industry and society.


PSO I: Design and investigate the problems related to instrumentation, control, automation, robotics and provide solutions.

PSO II: To develop a Mechatronics system to meet the requirements and specifications.

PSO III To analyse and improve the performance of a Mechatronics system and enhance the intellectual capabilities of the system.


The Graduates will be able to

PEO1: Inculcate Knowledge in Basic Engineering Sciences and Fundamentals of Mechanical, Electronics and Electrical Engineering.

PEO 2: To Design, Develop Product and applications in the field of Automation and Mechatronics.

PEO 3: Prepare Graduates to be valuable Engineers with excellent logical and Problem solving skills in a multidisciplinary environment.