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Since its inception in the year 2002, the Department with its energetic and dynamic faculty has provided complete dedication to convert young individuals into engineers, with both class room and shop floor knowledge. Here we pursue the mechanical engineering of the future. Students learn the fundamentals of mechanical engineering by focusing on core disciplines in mechanics, manufacturing, and systems, together with essential areas of mathematics and physical sciences.

We provide outstanding coursework, projects, and activities in which fundamental course knowledge is synthesized and applied in a holistic fashion with wide-ranging design projects. We offer outstanding technical enhancement opportunities, with a strong culture of collaboration that enables our students and faculty to tackle the world’s most important and difficult technical challenges.

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Achieve excellence in Mechanical Engineering by imparting knowledge, quality practices and inculcating ethics and human values to cater the ever changing industrial demands and societal needs.


  • To provide knowledge and skills in mechanical engineering through effective teaching –learning methods, quality infrastructure and resources.

  • To provide platform by fostering for creativity, innovation and multi disciplinary approach to solve industry and societal problems.

  • To habituate the students to focus on leadership, ethical values and lifelong learning for self and societal development.


PSO I: Apply principles of machine design, manufacturing, thermal engineering and management to identify, formulate and solve real life problems.

PSO II: Use modern tools for modeling, simulation techniques and computational  relevant to mechanical and allied engineering.

PSO III Develop viable solutions for mechanical engineering problems/processes for industrial and societal needs.


The Graduates of PMC Tech’s Mechanical Engineering Program shall

PEO1: Have the ability to apply knowledge across the disciplines and in emerging areas of Mechanical Engineering for higher studies, research, and employability.

PEO 2: Have good communication skills, Soft skills, managerial skills, leadership qualities, ethical values, sense of responsibility to serve the society and protect the environment.

PEO 3: Become entrepreneur / innovators to design and develop manufacturing systems and services to address social, technical and business challenges with life long learning for a successful professional carriers.