About us

The Computer Science and Engineering Department was established in the year 2006 with an intake of 60 students. The PG course was started in 2012. The Department is approved by AICTE and Accredited by ISO. The department is blessed with well qualified and experienced faculty members to improve and enhance the knowledge of the student community. The department has good computing facilities with latest and updated versions of the software. Our Department has a good Research and Development Center. Our Department has produced outstanding results over Years through planned, rigorous and well executed Teaching Methods.

The department conducts periodic workshops, seminars and conferences to help students, research scholars and industries to share a common platform and thereby strengthen the Industry Institution fusion. Our students and faculty members are the member of various Professional bodies Such as Indian Society For Technical Education (ISTE) and Computer Society of India(CSI) .


Envisions Computer Science Engineering Graduates with profound skills and knowledgeembedded with innovative thinking for entrepreneurial, career and societal needs.


  • To imbibe high quality knowledge, skills and practices of computer science  engineering through quality infrastructure and resources.

  • To endow the students to solve simple solutions to complex engineering     problems through software

  • To provide strong software development skills for lifelong learning, to meet the challenges of industry and society.


PSO1: Apply standard practices in software development using open source programming environments to deliver a high quality and cost effective products and solutions.

PSO2: Design, analyze and develop systems in the areas of networking, Software engineering, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Internet of Things and Cloud computing.

PSO3: Apply programming skill, Agile and Extreme Programming to solve the industrial and societal problems.


The Graduates will be able to

PEO1: Have good knowledge in fast evolving computer science engineering tools and systems, towards employability, higher studies and research.

PEO 2: Develop high end software and firmware systems though technical, problem  solving and soft skills with ethical standards.

PEO 3: Believe in self, nurture to be a team member with leadership qualities,  engineer products and systems with sustainable development, have lifelong learning attitudes.